Highland Cow Crochet Kit & Ceramic Charm

Highland Cow Crochet Kit & Ceramic Charm

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Would you like to crochet one of these stunning Highland Cow teddys?


We have partnered with The Craft Cow who have created the perfect kit, complete with everything you need to create your very own Highland Cow teddy! Each set comes complete with a ceramic heart & personalised note for each cuddly toy. 

Gift ideas:

  • A grandparent or parent wishing to create a Highland Cow teddy for a new arrival in the family. The ceramic charm can be personalised with ' Baby Boy 2021' 'Baby McIntosh' etc
  • A friend isolating during lockdown to give them a project that they can complete, with a finished product they can be proud of.
  • A highland cow fanatic wanting to add to their collection.
  • Increasing your health and wellbeing.
  • A friend who wants to learn a new skill ...
  • And so many more idea ....


The options are endless - but the outcome will always create a smile.



More About The Craft Cow ...

My name is Toni (not short for anything!), I have two children 11 and 16 and a very patient husband of 13 years! I’m a farmers daughter, originally from mid Wales, where my parents still farm.  I now live in Oswestry, on the Welsh border.
I blame my Nan for my craft addiction! Around the age of 11, for Christmas she gave me swan picture tapestry kit (very 80's!), as you can probably guess it was not the most exciting present I had ever received and I just left it under the tree, moaning to my Mum, what was Nan thinking?!
Boxing Day the boredom sets in, I was like 'what am I going to do?'. Had a rummage under the tree and came across my swans!! Well what harm could it do, my street cred would still be in tacked, no one would see me, it would be the family secret!
I was hooked! After a slow start and discovering its not so easy, with a little guidance from Mum (who I knew would be straight on the phone to Nan to say I had started!). The Christmas holidays flew by and my swans were coming on nicely! I'm not really sure how long it took me to finish it, but I was so excited I remember walking to Nan's to show her my finished article.  I even got it framed in lovely mahogany (to match mums chincy furniture at the time and it took pride of place in the pool room (note - pool room was where my brothers extremely large pool table was housed for many years and also my swans were not pride of place in the living room!!) for at least a decade if not two!
I have been and done it all craft related over the years (nearly!!), then I discovered crocheting around 4 years ago to get away from my very stressful job at the time and finding a craft that I didn’t think about work and fell in love!
The challenge had been to start that I am left handed, But it actually helped in the end as it was like looking in a mirror when learning from a right handed person, it's so much fun to master.
Over the years I have worked in adult education and I thought why couldn’t I use my skills and qualifications and teach people how to crochet and that is how it started and The Crafting Cow was born. I adore teaching, passing a skill on to those that really do want to learn.  Over the last year I have started to develop patterns and now I’m making crochet kits for people to have a go themselves.